Department Director Ahmed Ben Abdullah Al-Rashed
Organizational Connection The General Department of Depository and Registration.
Management Tasks Field
1. Receipt and deposit of theses with a copy on (CD) with the adoption of an applicant in writing of approval or disapproval of the publication of the letter on e-library site.
2. Receipt and deposit of printed and non-printed materials such as books, films and other materials of deposit.
3. Receipt and deposit of periodicals and Saudi daily newspapers.
4. Following-up governmental and private entities, urging them to comply with the deposit system.
5. Answering researcher's inquiries about registering their university researches.
6. Issuing deposit certificates for all material that is applied to the filing system.
Contact with Department
Phone: 0114186363 - 0114186159 - 0114186229 - 0114186356 - 0114186224
Fax: 0114613160